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On Oriental Medicine

One of the amazing beauties of oriental medicine is its simplicity.   A subtle shift, the body begins to heal.   Patients just start feeling a little better, and a little better and a little better.   Then they’re not sure that they were ever really sick.

Many times, people forget why they originally came in.  I have to keep copious notes to remind them. Continue Reading »

Facial Rejuvenation

Oriental Medicine has been used for centuries to enhance circulation and bring needed nutrients to the outer layers of the skin. It reverses the signs of aging from sun damage, environmental toxins, stress, and a life well lived. It increases elasticity and vitality. Continue Reading »

Collodial Silver

Often times a patient will come into the office and ask about different nutrients, supplements and herbal products.   Collodial Silver is one such item.

First question to ask is: What is a collodial?

Answer: A collodial is a particle suspended in a solution.  Usually the solution is either a gas or a fluid.

So, colloidal silver is comprised of silver particles suspended in a solution, water. Continue Reading »

Today there was another food recall, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP).  A powder distributed by Basic Food Flavors, Inc.    There is a concern that it may be contamination with Salmonella. Continue Reading »


Herbs vary in strength and potency from something as innocuous as ginger and garlic to something as powerful as Ephedra. Unlike synthesized medications,



herbs are quite gentle on the system. The over-the-counter psudo-ephedra cold medications are 15 times more potent than the herb. When used properly, the absence of side effects cannot be overstated. Because of their purity and gentleness the effects gained are prolonged and stable.


Oriental Medical Arts only uses TGA (formerly known as GMP) certified herbal products. Twenty-five years ago, Singapore, Australia, and Taiwan became suspicious of Chinese manufacturing standards. They set up an agency (TGA/GMP) to inspect Chinese herbal manufacturing plants. They also build their own factories in China. In order to import herbs into their countries, they must have the TGA stamp of approval


The acupuncturist uses very thin, hair like needles which are inserted at specific points on the body.

One Western explanation for how acupuncture works is that the needle acts as an irritant and stimulates an immune response. Though this is clearly part of the answer, it is not the entire picture. Continue Reading »